Children Care & Literacy Society


What is CCLS

CCLS is a registered organization for orphan,handicapped & underprivileged people who have multiple and serve disabilities and those who are further marginalized by poverty,stress and other factors.

Ultimate Goals of CCLS


It is commonly believed that disabled people have little or no potential to become socially useful or economically independent. Disabled children are  rejected  openly or covertly by the community and sometimes even by their families. CCLS works hard to bridge the gaps in order to allow disabled children to develop their full potential.


It is said that a society can be judged by the way it cares for its weakest and most  vulnerable members and who is more vulnerable than our girl children. Although  2000 years have passed  since girl children face discrimination and are neglected . Despite concentrated efforts on the part of Government, millions of children in India born poor and end  up in streets. These children are deprived of even the basic comforts and live a wretched life of ignorance , pain & poverty. But they can look up to new  tomorrow with us by providing them a opportunity for basic education, nutrition & health.
These are the innocent children, who have an intelligent  mind imprisoned for their  whole life inside a disobedient  body.

What about their future
Poor & disabled face a difficult future, since owing to their multiple handicaps, they need  constant –help from others to lead normal, happy and productive lives with some encouragement & support.

Our Philosophy
The basic need and rights of a child are synonymous. Every child whether  disabled or underpriviledged  has a right to have adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, medical facilities etc.

CCLS  Strategy : What does CCLS do

CCLS focus on childs development  through  sponsorship, an important aspect of which is building relationship between foster families and parents through communication.
CCLS on the recommendation of the principals sponsoring need & meritorious children in schools in various parts of India
CCLS  has joined hands with number of developed agencies on many of its projects sharing skills and resources in order to give children a better deal.

What is sponsorship

Tax Benifit

What you Receive

Your sponsored child’s relevant personal detail and photograph.
An annual report to you can see how your sponsored child is progressing.
The opportunity to develop a relationship with your sponsored child through letters, cards and may be through visits.


Our Mission

  • To provide recognition and underpriveliged........ Working nationwide for the cause & care of orphan,handicapped & underprivileged. ...


Our Vision

  • Tell Me And I may forget, Show me and I may Remember, Involve me and I will Understand......... ...


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